The 2020 International Pain Management Symposium: Post Surgical Populations & Therapies

Our next symposium is May 23 - 30, 2020, leaving from the Port of Miami in Florida

Cruise destinations are: Ocho Rios, Jamaica; 

Georgetown, Grand Cayman;

  Cozumel, Mexico; 

MSC Marine Resort, Bahamas

The 2020 International Pain Management Symposium: Courses

Manual Post Surgical Procedures for Cosmetic Surgeries


4 CEs with (To Be Announced) 

Cosmetic surgeries are on the rise and some are even unsuccessful. Help your patients reduce swelling and recover faster after cosmetic surgeries. What are some things to be careful of and look out for after cosmetic surgeries.   

Learn from one of the top providers in the business about how to help your patients, and get referrals for more patients and clients to help your business grow.

The Post Surgical Lymphatic System and How to Efficiently Treat It



4 CEs with Elisa DiFalco, LMT, OT

You will learn in this symposium a variety of surgeries and their effects on the body. In this class you will learn how to treat post surgically to reduce swelling and how to increase lymphatic function for faster recovery. Treat for specific areas and learn how to put it all together to help your patients and clients heal faster, as well as make the doctor look better to get more referrals and increase your business. 

Can you say lymphangiomotoricity?

Post Surgical Scar Issues and Treatments



4 CEs with John Romano, LMT, MPP 

Learn about the effects of scar tissue on the body, how scars effect the fascia and posture. There are many ways to treat scars, but learn the quickest and most efficient ways. In this class, you'll learn how and when to add oils and botanicals in your treatments. How and what to apply for pain relief, including how to use oils with a variety of treatments. We'll also discuss which essential oils and botanicals help to speed up the healing process.



4 CEs with (TBA)