The International Pain Management Symposium 2019 - 24 Total CEs Available

Our next symposium is May 5 - 12, 2019, leaving from the Port of Miami in Florida

Cruise destinations are: Tortola, British Virgin Islands; 

Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands; 

Nassau, Bahamas

The International Pain Management Symposium Courses


Pain Management— Micro-current Point Stimulation and CBD Nano water - 12 CEs

Dr. Antoine Chevalier, PhD, MPP, CII

Help your patients reduce chronic and acute pain with Micro current Point Stimulation (MPS). In this class, you'll learn how and why MPS works to affect the body as well as how it deregulates the autonomic nervous system to get better results with and improve conditions including arthritis, back pain, sciatica, joint pain, fibromyalgia, TMJ, sports injuries and so many others. Returning and new students will learn new techniques and get access to the very latest research for this innovative modality. 

As a bonus, we will discuss CBD nano water and how to incorporate it with MPS for even more effective results. If you are a patient, attending this class will definitely motivate you to find an MPS practitioner.


Essential Oils and Analgesics for Pain Management - 8 CEs

John Romano, LMT, MPP, CII

Essential oils have been used for pain relief and wellness for centuries, but often are left out of clinical or medical massage treatments unless they are blended into a topical pain reliever. In this class, you'll learn how to add essential oils to your pain relief practice and sessions, including how to use the oils with MPS treatments. 

We'll discuss which essential oils make the best analgesics, which to blend together for pain relief, and which to avoid as well as the benefits and contraindications for essential oils and even over the counter products. Some sample products will be available for take home use as well.


Painless Promotions: Stress-Free Marketing to Reach Pain Relief Clients - 4 CEs

Felicia Brown, LMBT

With the first two classes, you'll learn amazing techniques and solutions for reducing your clients’ pain and improving their overall health. But as effective as these new skills and strategies will be, you cannot help anyone with them unless they are on your table. 

Enter the hidden modality all massage therapists and pain relief professionals need in their toolbox: MARKETING! This fun and engaging class will help you spread the word about your awesome new skills. You'll learn easy and painless promotions designed specifically for clients searching for pain relief solutions. 

And if you use what you learn, you'll have plenty of people on your table and money in your pocket to pay for your investment in all three class in no time., CII