Cancellation Policy

Payment for classes are non refundable. 

If a symposium at sea must be cancelled due to inclement weather, not enough people have registered, or any other reason, then you will receive credit for your class which can be applied toward either the next symposium at sea, or one of our classes on land.


If a particular speaker does not show up for any reason, due to illness, accident, death, death in the immediate family, or any other reason: 

If it is last minute, meaning that it is past the time when a cruise, trip, or event, can not be cancelled, we will do our best to provide the same, or similar education. 

Please know that this is NOT something that we prefer to do, but we know that you have spent money and time to secure your trip. If a speaker does have to cancel at the last minute, please be assured that we will be as disappointed as you, but will still do what we can to provide a fun and educational experience.

In any situation where you are not satisfied with replacement presenter and/or class, please let us know and we will transfer your credit towards another symposium, class or event. In this case, let us know at the beginning of a class, course or symposium. You will NOT receive CEs for that class, but class credit will be applied. You will also not be allowed to attend the rest of the class or symposium.

Also know, that it is the responsibility of the speaker who cancels at the last minute, to offer any refunds in case of their last minute cancellations (which are not emergencies) if you are truly not satisfied.  Emergency situations due to severe illness, death of an immediate family member, or death, do not fall under refundable reasons.

For  presenters, instructors, educators: once a speaker/educator/instructor agrees to do a symposium, advertising will have started, they have agreed to terms and conditions.

Students/attendees agree to terms and conditions once they make a full or partial payment towards registration.

If you must cancel your trip, the same will happen. Your symposium course payment will be applied to another symposium in the future when you can attend. Any cancelation to reservations for hotel, cruise, flights, etc., are solely your responsibility and between you and the travel agent/agency, airlines, and/or cruise line. 

If another symposium is scheduled and you can not make that cruise, it will be applied toward the next symposium at sea or course on land.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, but this is our policy.